Dogs and Rainy Weather: 10 Tips to Cope

10 Tips For Caring for Dogs in Rainy WeatherWalking your pup on a bright sunny day is a breeze. Your dog gets exercise while you talk to neighbors or enjoy a leisurely stroll around town. It’s not even a chore. However, dogs and rainy weather is an entirely different story. There are days when getting your dog to relieve himself can be an all-day (miserable) affair. Here on the east coast, we have had more thunderous downpours than I care to remember during these couple weeks of May. Perhaps we are making up for the lack of rain in April.

Lately, I am paying extra attention the weather forecasts focusing on what time the rain is supposed to start. If (and this is a big if) the forecasters are correct, I try to put my dogs out in the yard an hour before the rain comes because every pet owner knows that dogs and rainy weather can be an unfortunate blend of bad scent and filthy floors. It’s not always possible, but when it works, it’s a lifesaver. The times I can time it perfectly, my dogs are relieved and can happily snooze through the thundershowers, avoiding the whole wet mess.

Of course, there are those days when it rains all day long or rain comes quite unexpectedly. Consequently, I have gathered some helpful ways to care for dogs in rainy weather which have worked for me.

Here are ten tips to help you and your pup get through the messy spring showers:

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