Our Promises

Dog Owners:

  1. We only use all natural products in the store, that includes our shampoo, conditioner, sprays, and cleaners.
  2. We always make sure what style of grooming you are looking for, and suggest what would be the best for your dog based on your living style and condition of the dogs to maximize the length between grooms.
  3. We do not book more dogs than we can handle.
  4. We minimize the time dogs are locked in the kennel.
  5. We do whatever we can to keep the dog stress-free. Give us a try, and you will see the difference.
  6. We offer IN & OUT services, but please book ahead so we can book other dogs around your schedule. We’d like to give your dog individual attention so he/she can be done in a timely manner, as well as minimizing any sort of stress.

Cat Owners:

  1. We always book dogs around cat.
  2. We always have 2 people working on the cat at the same time. It not only speed up the grooming process, it is also much safer.
  3. We do not book cats on a busy day with lots of dogs around.
  4. If we do have a busy day, we will either book the cat first thing in the morning, or if time allows, last thing in the day.
  5. We try to finish cats within 1 hour so they don’t have stay in a “strange” environment for too long. (Cats tend to get insecure when they are not in their usual territory)


Most Important of ALL is that We CARE.
We are not only here to groom your dog/cat, we are here to help manage your dog/cat hair.
We wish the best for all your loved ones, and we’ll love them as if they were our own.