Walk-In Services (No Appointment Required):

Large Nail Clip: $12
Small Nail Clip: $7
Cat Nail Clip: $10

Face Trim: $5~$10
Sanitary Trim (underbelly, armpits, private parts, bum): $5~$15
Pads or Feet Trim: $5~$10



Full Grooming Services (Appointment Required):

Small Breeds: $47 ~ $75
Medium Breeds: $55 ~ $85
Large Breeds: $75 ~ $160

*all full-groom prices includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, massage during bath, hair-cut or de-shedding depends on the breed of dog or owner’s request.

*prices may vary depending on dog’s current condition.


CAT Grooming Services (One Week Notice Required):


Sanitary Trim: $25 and up
Sanitary Trim with Brush: $50 and up
Lion’s Clip: $60 and up

*all cat grooming includes nail clipping
*prices may vary depending on cat’s condition
*we do not bath any cat
*cat grooming is limited to certain time of the day and the week, please book appointment in advance


Anal Glands Expression upon request only, at an addition charge.